Salata kimler engel olur? I Who prevents Salah)

SALAH is Not PRAYER. Be on the lookout.

“30So, you, direct your face towards the religion, to the
constitution of Allah upon which He created the mankind from
nothing in the first place, as the one who has left his old beliefs.
There is no change in the formation of Allah. This is the
straight religion/foundation. But, most of the people do not
31,32Enter under the guardianship of Allah, establish Salah
[establish and maintain the institutions that support financially
and spiritually; enlighten the community] as the ones who turn
to Him from their hearts, do not be among those who associate
others with Allah; those who have divided their religion asunder, who have divided into separatist groups. –Each
separatist group brags with that which is with them.-”
SURAH AR-RUM(The Romans)/30-32

What is Salah? (Part 1) / English Subtitles:

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What is Salah:

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